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You know what cracks me up are the PMs that I got thanking me for saying this. Apparently, I wasn’t the only one that thought you guys took it too far. Maybe some of you that PMd me will stand up publically?

WTF is the problem? Her husband feels overburdened and it doesn’t matter if the child does take a 3 hour nap or not.

Let me refresh your memory, efex (and you, btw have done plenty of bitching about your own med school experiences now and how little time that you have…ummmm…ya THINK her husband feels that she might too little time to give right now?)

Wait wait wait, does not anyone see anything wrong with the hubby being “overburdened”? I mean if we used that card nobody would ever take care of kids! I do not see why your hubby cannot suck it up and take care of the kiddies on the weekends hellooo?

I, personally, believe in sharing parenting responsibilities and the stress of managing a household and children. Asking ME or MY HUSBAND to do the lions share every weekend for 8 months a year (and probably a heck of a lot more during the week or rigth before exams IS stressful….both men AND women need and deserve breaks at that time. hellooo Do you think the female spouses of male med students and residents don’t feel equally overwhelmed and need a break?

Yeah, I agree that we often let our SO’s off the hook too may times.

Is it letting him off the hook to hire a sitter occasionally?

Ladies do *not* let anyone tell you what to do! You guys CAN stop the madness ya know….you just have to stand up and say “hey this is not just MY family but OUR family” meaning both partners have to do things for the family that “may” not be convenient but I will dammed (sp?) if I do ALL the work, to hell with that.

But he should do most of the work so that she can study for med school for most of the year? Why not let him pitch in and help and have a break too?

I see, he wants to have his cake and eat too…typical. Well, you may have to make the appointments for the babysitter to make sure your son is not getting the short end of the stick here but for God’s sake do not listen to this man that is complaining about watching one kid and he wants more? WTF? if you are on BC stay on it unless YOU want another child but again, you will have double the problems that you have buyer beware…

No male bashing, eh? Ummmm so when he needs a break and wants to hire a sitter he’s giving the kids the short end of the stick? During my husband’s fellowship when I was finishing my MS I had to hire a sitter to come in and help him while I defended my thesis…the movers were coming and he was overwhelmed. I did not scream WTF, my kids are getting the short end of the stick, they’re your kids too buddy so just deal with it….I simply did what would help everyone. I hired a reliable sitter to help him and things went much more smoothly. What’s the problem?

i think that my husband is being a big baby and should suck it up.

Poor guy…at this point, I feel sorry for him. He has admitted to being overwhelmed and feeling unhappy and instead of trying to work to help balance this it has turned into a burn our bra session.

We’re always busy saying ‘mom has to take care of herself’ and ‘if momma aint happy aint no one happy’

Does that go both ways? If Dad isn’t happy do we just say too f**** bad because this is my dream so suck it up?

I’m done with this thread….maybe some of you that PMd me will speak up and maybe not.