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For Pete’s sake…yes, I have complained because unfortunately for me choosing to ‘put my family first’ did mean not being able to go to medical school like I had planned. Perhaps everyone can now search for my posts and see what I whiner I am. :confused: :banghead:

Let me just say this. I KNOW what it is like to be on the receiving end of “Do all the work” and then if you feel overwhelmed being told to “suck it up”. I spent years as the spouse of a medical student and I have no doubt that the weekends are just the tip of the iceberg for her husband.

That is why I proposed that she just hire a sitter…what’s the big deal? He probably feels overwhelmed by the process itself as probably do your own husband and kids…and I’m sure you do whatever you need to do to make things more comfortable for them.

Why is it OK to ask your husband to do what your ae unwilling to do (and shouldn’t either): “Honey, I’m going to med school and now YOU can be the primary caregiver for this child that we both gave life to and I’m going to be doing clerkships soon and then he’ll be all yours unless I’m in an outpatient rotation, and then of course he’ll be all yours while I’m an intern…come to think of it, move across the country with me, eventually give up who you are…but don’t freakin’ complain that you feel overwhelmed or I’ll deny you your ‘booty call’ ”


If he wants a babysitter, get him one…if he wants to go to law school, let him…if he needs help coping with the stress, let him go to freakin’ counseling if he needs it …whatever works to get you guys through together … It has to work for you both.