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Efex, how do you really know what medicine will be like before you sign up and get going? How do you know how challenging and sometimes redundant and even mundane parenting can be before you become a parent? It is one thing to agree to medicine…and an entirely different one to experience it first hand.

Even you yourself said you had to work harder than you had anticipated and that it was much harder in general than you ever thought it would be.

Can the spouse not say the same?

For example, we informed ourselves as a family before my dh decided to do a fellowship…and we decided on a spot together….what we couldn’t control was that the program hired one less fellow than they should have (and they were taken down by a reviw board at the end of his fellowship for doing this too!) This meant q2 call for my husband. To top it off, we were struggling so much more with the cost of living change than we had anticipated that he had to moonlight any weekend he had off.

Neither he nor I had anticipated it…neither of us…it was harder on both of us than we had ever in our wildest dreams imagined. I never once said “suck it up, buddy…this is your dream” though trust me, the thought came to my mind many times.

Regardless of whether or not you agree on something at the start, the reality may be harder than you anticipate….and you have to be able to be flexible and change certain things to make it still work out…that’s all I’m saying.

This is entertaining though, isn’t it…..Can you tell I ‘should’ be doing laundry or some other mundane task?