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I agree that there is no way you *can* know the extent of the difficulty but you surely can “assume”. When this path first presented for myself I assumed that it would be a huge time eater, and this is why I told my husband that he would have to take over ALL the roles. I of course did not realize how difficult this path would be for me personally, but I for sure understood the time commitment from me during medical school and residency. I told my family that if we embarked on this path there was no looking back, meaning I could not just quit and go back to how it used to be. My family knew that I would be gone ALL the time either in the hospital during residency or just there at home but not really there while studying. This field leaves hardly no time for anything aside from eating/sleeping/studying and it will get worse in residency. I thought that you were married while your husband was in medical school? so you had to know to a certain extent how difficult a fellowship would be? fellows are one step above residents but not by much. The hours are still pretty long…