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we had like 12 weeks off and it was more than enough time to relax, do some research and get a head start on 2nd year. i chose to do this rather that review 1st year because i had heard about how the boards were mostly 2nd year info and how slammed you get second year. that said i did mostly immuno and a little bit of path- i concentrated on the stuf we would go over first. path was daunting looking at robbins even baby robbins so i woudl recomend path brs along with webpath for a quick overview. anyway i think that this nto only helped with my grades but helped actually learn the info instead of memorize it and i dont’ feel like i worked all summer either.
we had a kaplan package were we coudl actually get qbank for almost a year but i ddint’ have the money until the end of the first semester but it relaly helped for the micro shelf. someone in my class did webprepe over the summer to get ahead also but that is an awful lot of money to just get ahead.
in summary everyone says to do nothing over the summer but i really couldn’t do that. but i thinkt hat i got in a little bit of everything. if you can let it all go and not think about shcool at all then go ahead but i think because i am changing career i want to make the most of it. i’ll relax afetr the boards before 3rd year begins.