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hi danielle- i have some ideas about what i want to go into and i think that part of my decision is going to come after i see my board score. 2 of the highest things on my list are non competitive and one is very competitive. i can stay at my school and do it but i need to get a 230. 😮 to me that sounds impossible.
i actually am going ot take kaplan and use first aid since i already have it- as a guide and for quick review. i finally figured out how i work best- by repeptition so short thinsg like firts aid are great for quick multiple read throughs. also i do not work well in groups. i actuall do better locked in a room as you put it for 8 + hours.
i think the biggest thing that i have discovered both for micro and pharm is to study question answers and explanations. they give you those little details that i wouldnt’ remember otherwise. sounds strange but i swear it has worked for those so far.

my biggest thing right now is when to schedule my vacation.