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I hope that things have settled down for you. I’m the one that was referred to earlier, ortho after three years and now in Canada. The only difference however is that “technically” I resigned and therefore was in a little bit of a different situation.

I’m sure I am too late to help out in the main decision makign process. But, I am assuming that you are now at the point of not being in a residency….

At this point, the FIRST thing I suggest is to do a serious soul search. By yourself, with other people close to you, and tlak to people here on the site. They were a great help to me. I REALLY am not sure how I would have gotten through without these ladys’ support.

Once you have decided what your plan A, B, and C are…(perhaps A=same field of medicine, B=another field, C=no medicine at all) look on line for openings in programs. There is a site (that unfortunately I have erased from my puter) that is on the AMA website. I think it is actually listed under foreign resident applicants or something along those lines.

Next find all the progrmas that you would like to attend and send the program director/chairman a letter letting them know that you are lookign for a spot if something comes up. Some will write back and say, “SOrry, and good luck” some will say, “SOrry, not now, but you are in our files and we’ll call you if something opens up” and you will come across one or two that will let you know that they are interested.

The important thing is to KEEP trying. BUT this is only if you ahve done a thorough soul search and are certain that you wnat it. If not, let yourself be free with that decision. There IS life without medicine. And sometimes I am certain that it is more of a real life.

Let me know if you need anything more.

It won’t be easy, you will have to explain what happened, you will need to know in your soul why it happened and why it won’t happen again. But these sort of things DO happen in this field and know that there are choices and there is support.

Take care and Best Wishes.