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Hi Rugratdoc,

I am an internist and mainly practiced in the city and north shore suburbs. I would love to talk on the phone but like many Moms, I haven’t had a meaningful phone call with an adult in a long time. It seems impossible since the kids are with me all day so it leaves me to chat on this forum which is an awesome outlet.

I have two kids 3.5 girl in preschool and 1.5 son. They are a riot!! I admire you for having three kids. Nobody told me having this second would be so hard! I can honestly say it’s much tougher than medical school and residency combined!

I told myself I would embrace stay at home Mom for a year and then reevaluate. It’s funny how since I have become a full time Mom other Moms have embraced me. I think when you work part time which is what I did for the last two years or so, you kind of stuck in between the two Mom world, not really belonging to either.

I would love to put my degree to some use later in the future but if not, like I said, no regrets.

I am curious on your theory about physicians leaving medicine though

From seeing my own friends in law or other graduate degree holders, the trend is the same. A lot of very highly educated women are choosing to raise their children… very interesting indeed.

I have a question for Moms with three or more kids,
Is it much harder than two or do you just accept the organized chaos?