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Hey girls I am new to this forum…
Premed RN I am in the same position right now as you (well as you were in)
In genetics, I had the highest grade in the class going into the final (we had three midterms and then the final. I had trouble falling asleep the night before the final, so I just stayed up. That morning I drank a few energy drinks to keep myself awake (the test was at noon). Well I just KNOW I did aweful on the final. I am really upset about it. I was not myself. I am sooo worried that I am not going to get an A now (which would really suck bc of the fact I had such a great grade going in and all my hard work during the semester). I am hoping the outcome is the same as yours!
Any words of wisdom as to how to get through these next couple of days waiting? They said they will be up by Thurs at the latest!