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Hmm, well my college only awards a Bachelor of ARTS (technically, an A.B., because it is conferred in Latin) no matter what you major in! This really bothers some people who are snobby about the science thing. 🙂 Actually, a friend of mine who went to another college used to work at a hospital with a girl who went to college with me. This girl majored in Biochemistry, I think, and worked in a Data Coordinator-type position at said hospital. On her name plate, she put her name, followed by “B.S.” I found this hilarious and ridiculous for a couple reasons – one, she didn’t HAVE a B.S., and two, people who only have bachelors degrees don’t usually put their degree after their name – especially in a position where everyone has at least a bachelors. She was the only one who did that… and it was her in a sea of M.D.s with their degree after their names.

And my sister went to MIT, where only a B.S. (again, actually an S.B. because it is in Latin) is awarded. She switched her major from Physics to Architecture and Design, and she has a B.S.. I guess this is okay, since MIT has rigorous Math and Science core requirements, regardless of your major.