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Originally posted by fearlessphoenix:
My DH and I negotiated all the last minute enrollees last night and 3 hours and $280 later I’m enrolled in Chemistry for the Health Sciences and General Biology!!!! My pharmicist has promised to be my Chemistry tutor if needed and my mom (x ray tech) is wanting to dig into Biology with me-I’m SOOOOO happy to be back in the classroom. I only took 2 years off but it seems like forever. One of my buddies gave me a microbiology and paristology book and my 9 year-old and I had fun looking at all the “germs” together. He got to see a picture of the germ that was his strep throat and some of the opportunistic buggers that nail me every now and again with my immunosuppressive therapies.

Congratulations!!! The first step is often the HARDEST!!!! :yes: