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I had a friend who took Topamax and really liked it. Or at least it let her participate in her life and do her job better.

From a more personal note, I always tried to rotate between my headache/migraine meds. One day imitrex, the next T#3, the next Naproxen, and so on.

About a year ago, I had the kind of headache that wasn’t a migraine but I couldn’t ever get rid of without going to sleep, and I might still wake up with it. My cousin gave me a couple of Excedrin because she didn’t have the ibuprofen I asked her for.

OH MY GOODNESS! It worked like a dream, and now I reach for it first every time. I got tired of suffering through the week of headaches after my period, trying to not overuse any one thing, and now I’m a shameless user of Excedrin (generic) during that week. I try to use as little as possible, and really never more than once a day or I can’t get to sleep, but I don’t sit around struggling with whether I should take it or not. I’d much rather live my life than follow the tightest medical recommendations for headaches.