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A factor that should actually always be included in this discussion are the INSURANCE COMPANIES. It is truly amazing how they can control the public opinion on the issue and add fuel to the Doctors vs Lawyers fire.
My husband is an attorney giving me a different perspective into the web of problems here.
There is no doubt that there are attorneys that will take cases that are frivolous…this can be based on the fact that they simply have little medical knowledge or that they are just downright lacking scrupples. And many of the times these atty’s are theones charging an hourly fee. Those hours of investigating the claim can add up.
There are also the atty’s that charge only a portion of the winnings. These atty’s are much more careful in accepting cases. If there is any sign of it being frivilous, it is not worth their time to push the case fwd. It woudl take them hours of research, paying for experts to review the case, fees for the depositions…all of these costs will not be reimbursed with the cases that have no merit. Therefore, if the case has a sound of an ounce of being frivilous, they will not touch the case.
Unfortunately these cases can eventually head to an atty who will take it.
The insurance companies, on the otherhand, tend to put more of a hamper on things. One major way that they affect the system has to do with not taking a claim from the patient. If the patient doesn’t have the insurance company paying for them, this tends to be what encourages the patient to file a suit. Most people can’t pay out of pocket, and if their insurance company lets them down, the next source to vent their frustration and search for a way to pay is to sue.

There is much more info that I will ask my hubby to tell you about.
Sort of funny actually, I used to “hate” lawyers!! Now I am married to one!! But I tell you, he is the most moral of people (of ANY profession) that I have ever met. Nice breath of fresh air! :p
Take care y’all!