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Just some interesting things from my better half…
1-There are actually fewer med mal cases now than there were 20 years ago PER CAPITA. (I asked what the sources were…he said soem were biased but many of theses statistics were from completely unbiased sources…one being the Federal Government.

2-Cases are much more expensive to try these days…because laws have been tightened to require more expert testimony (this means, more $ to the Docs to support or disclaim a claim). It isn’t not uncommon for these experts to charge in the realms of $4-700/hour for their time. This time is accrued in depositions, writing reports, trial time …it adds up. He got a bill from a Forensic Psychiatrist that wanted $12,000 IN ADVANCE for ONE DAY in trial.

3-IN terms of insurance companies…they have always been investors. They are required to take a portion of the premiums that we pay them (as a patient) and put that into a fund to pay for any claims that may come up. They take the other portion of the premium and invest it. In the 90’s they were able to make a LOT of money in the stock market. So the premiums were lowered so they could attract new customers in order to have a fresh lot of money to invest. As we all know the stock market fell…and suddenly the insurance companies lost their investments and were still charging those lower premiums … so they weren’t abel to keep the funds available to pay the claims and still make a profit. SOOooo, they increased their premiums, which they blamed on frivilous lawsuits. (they weren’t going to say…I’m used to this nice Porsche lifestyle that you (the patient) and the stock market have made for me over the last ten years…and, you know the stock market just isn’t as profitable anymore, so we have to ask you for more money.) So why say it is the lawsuits??? Because this then creates a panic, and pushes people to push for tort reform. What the heck does this have to do with anything?? Well, with tort reform, they encourage caps to be put in place…therefore lowering the amoutn of money the insurance company will have to pay out in claims. SO if the jury makes and out of control verdict, there is a cap as to the amount the judge can actually demand from the insurance company.

Just some food for thought.