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Read a VERY interesting article in our local paper Tuesday. Malpractice rates between Missouri and Kansas have a substantial difference in some instances and specialties there is 2-3 times cost difference with Missouri being outrageously high. Interestingly enough both states have caps on non-economic damage awards but in Missouri if there are multiple counts of negligence each count has it’s own cap it’s not one comprehensive cap for the whole suit. Further more Kansas has a kind of public “fund” that a portion of every Kansas doctor’s malpractice ins premiums goes into. A state comissioner oversees the fund and it’s investmests and pay outs. It kicks in a certain portion of any judgements paid out so the insurance companies can better judge the potential losses they incur and it has arrested premium rates. Also KS regulates premium increases-they have to approve premium increases and MO has no such controls. Interestingly enough KS has fewer suits filed per capita than MO but this could be argued because there are more rural doctors and those patients are less likely to file suit and it’s not as attractive to lawyers to accept cases.

I thought this was an interesting comparison and contrast and that KS had some creative solutions.

I also know why so many metro area practices have been moving their offices down the street and across state line. I also know practing in Missouri isn’t a cost-effective option when and if I decide to do med school-Sorry Governor Blunt-you better change this if you want to retain and recruit talent to MIssouri!!!