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I’m new here also. I don’t know if this will help, but I’m doing the same thing, going the EMS route for field experience. Since your a freshmen you should probably concentrate on getting good grades so if your thinking of finding a job as an EMT I would tell you not to do that. I worked all four years of college and my gpa suffered because of it.
Look into joining a volunteer fire department. That way you can gain field experience and you wouldn’t be held to a strict schedule of work and school. And not only would you gain experience, but it will look even better that you took the time to educate yourself through EMS and then offered your services for free. I would do the same thing, but there aren’t any volunteer FDs around.I don’t know what city your near in Nebraska, but if you go to this website:
there are quite a few volunteer departments in NE.
Hope this helps.
JC 🙂