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When I am NOT pregnant, I have a terrible time keeping weight off. My sister swears by weight watchers, and that’s what I always recc. to patients, but it just seems like so much… work. I guess I am looking for the miracle cure. I want to join the Y, but that is just more time away from the kids. 🙁 I also have zero self control. :banghead:

For some reason, for me pregnancy and postpartum is the only time I DON’T struggle with weight. :confused: First one I gained 31 and lost it in 3 weeks, post c/s and without help, I didn’t have time to eat. Second one (only 18 mos apart)I gained 22 and lost it in again 3 weeks… got a PP infection. And you can see no trouble with gain… too bad that can’t be all the time.