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Originally posted by CaliMD:
As I see it, DrSahm was simply sharing some of her own difficulties with nanny care even when she had paid her nanny 80% of her resident’s salary and had been clear with her nanny about the job responsibilities. This was simply a sharing of *her experience* and did not seem to merit any discussion about unrealistic nanny expectations.

As a person whose considering hiring one myself, I greatly appreciate feedback from people with direct expereinces and those without. But in the spirit of sharing experiences, I think an important aspect of this is getting feedback we may not necessarily want to hear but need to know. Maybe it wasn’t specifically useful for her(obvioulsy) but someone else reading the forum may have been able to get something out of it like what’s asking too much of the hired help.

As for being realsitic or unrealistic, let’s get “real” here, pun intended. Women often have very unrealistic expectations when it comes to balancing work/family issues. For example, I’d love to have another child, but I really had to LISTEN to what Efex had to say about that as a mother of more than one child balancing that with medical school. Because she communicates strongly and disagreed with me in that thread, I certainly didn’t feel the need to get sacrastic with her in my reply or give her negative infinity stars.

I come to this site for support and part of that is EXPECTING the members to help me “keep on the real”. But asking someone to sterilize a breast pump is like asking someone to sterilize the hankerchief you sneeze in after you rinsed it out. Then again, maybe you guys have nannies that do that too?? :laughing: