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I’d like to present an alternative view to commuting.

I actually like having a 1.5 hour commute (by train) to and from class because it allows me to get a LOT of studying done. At some point we are going to move, but still within the DC metro area. I’ll still have at least an hour commute though completely by design ( I need this time to read my notes/paper for class and I also even manage a 20 minute nap too 😉 ). Luckily my Fiance’ doesn’t mind having a long commute in case we decide to live closer to my school in B’more.

As for 3rd year, of course a commute isn’t logical so we’ve decided that I’ll keep an apt near the hospital for that, and come home on the weekends or the family will come see me! By that time, we’ll both the students so I think it should be a little easier.

I just wanted to let the folks know who have no choice but about commuting that it can be done with careful planning and support. :yes: