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DrWuStar *DrWuStar*

yes, they will count the grades for all of your coursework in your GPA when you apply. 3.2 is not that bad a GPA, and your prereqs will bring (presumably) boost your GPA higher. i wouldn’t stress about that.

your degree from bowdoin will still be a part of your application, so any edge it gives you will still be there. getting a second degree or post-bac courses from a less well-renowned school will not diminish that.

as for a second degree vs. prereqs only, i would suggest enrolling full time as a degree student (so you can get financial aid, etc) and then seeing how it goes. if you start to feel more sure about medicine, then you still have the option to just finish off your prereqs and go. if you decide medicine isn’t for you, you can just finish the degree and pursue some other bio type job.

good luck!