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I understand what you mean. I have no intention of receiving a second bachelors degree from an expensive prestigious school! Since this is (what I consider) a “supplemental” bachelors degree, I don’t really care where it’s from… I just need to be practical. But I was just wondering if suddenly I would be considered a graduate of this state school and not Bowdoin. For example, in grad school (and I know, b/c I was in law school for a while 🙂 and didn’t want to be a lawyer) they often publish lists of the students and their undergrad institution. What would that say for me? Of course that doesn’t really matter.

And you’re right, all the post-bac programs I have looked at are rather expensive – I could do three or even 4 years at a state school for the same price (of tuition, at least) as that of most one-year post-bac programs.

“Word on the street” is that law school AdComs often actually add points to GPAs from “better” schools. But, law school is different – the LSAT is NOT like the MCAT – it’s slightly harder than the GRE, but it really doesn’t test knowledge of specific subjects. So, it can’t be used as an “equalizer” the way the MCAT can.

Anyway, thanks for all your help! The idea of med school is brand-new to me. I have thought for years of doing some allied-healthcare program, but only just started thinking I could actually prepare for medical school. I have very little knowledge of the application process, etc., yet, so I am looking here for guidance.

So far, it has been very inspirational! I thought that even though I KNOW I have the ability to master the subjects needed to apply for med school, it was just too late. Now I see that even by the time I would enter med school (age 32) I would not yet be as old as many of the very impressive people on here.