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Hello Everyone!!

I have been sitting back and reading the forums for about a month now and I have finally decided to come out of my shell for the single mom forum.

I can’t say how awesome this thread is!! I have been learning so much from everyone in the forums but I just couldn’t quite relate and felt there was noone out there with a single mom MD success story! A few questions to anyone available:

I am 22, and in my junior year of nursing school with dreams and goals of becoming and MD for the longest time. Due to my darling 3yo. Gabriela, I chose to do nursing so that I can provide a decent living for her ASAP and still care for and help people. Now that I am so far into nursing school, I really wish I would have just taken the direct route to medical school. the ? is –> Is it possible?? You know, to complete med school and be an MD, while being a single mother? :confused:

If anyone has any stories to share, I would love to hear and chat!! 🙂

Good Luck to everyone! :crossfingers: