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Originally posted by rs4:

I think that folks in UK and Canada get used to long waits and feel unavailability of services is just how it is. IMHO….. [/QB]

Just to clarify, the folks in these countries don’t get used to this. Up here in Canada, it is a hot topic and there are many pushes to privitization of medicine. It was a big issue in the last election. In orthopaedics, it isn’t as big of a problem, but a good “for instance” is that I had my pap smear done…3 months ago now? and I still haven’t heard what the results are. Back home in the states, we’d get the results in the next week or so.

Just wanted to make sure that it was clear that, as far as Canada is concerned, the patients up here may be used to it, but they by no means accept it.