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Wow, I’ve been shockingly bad about updating this. I made it through the holidays, but managed to spend 3 days in the Houston airport trying to get home to OH after visiting my father. If any of you ever turn on the weather channel, that was the morning where the anchorman was dressed in a parka standing in a middle of a blizzard talking about record snowfall at the airport I was trying to fly into. We couldn’t get to Cincinatti, Columbus, Dayton, Indianapolis or Louisville. All flights were cancelled or full. So when they cancell three days worth of flights right before christmas, you have about 500 passengers trying to get on the 100 spots left on flights between then and christmas. Craziness. We actually ended up having to buy a ticket on another airline and switch airports to get home on time for christmas.

So now break is over and I’ve been back in school for two weeks, and I’m already sick of it. I’m not sick of the material so much as all the random hoops I’m still having to jump through. I cannot wait to actually get paid for all the work I do. I keep telling my husband that I want to be a housewife. He says I’d do well at it for about two weeks until I went stark raving mad. He’s right of course, so I’ll keep on doing what I’m doing.

On that note, I did pick up a job teaching the MCAT for the princeton review. They pay really well, and DH and I can really use the extra money, so I’m excited to start that.

Today I have some “patient encounters” as part of my Doctor-Patient relationship class, so I’m going to go pick out an outfit that looks good under my white coat. 😉