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I feel like I have so much time on my hands being on break and all. My husband was laughing at me the other day. I walking around the house looking as if I am “lost” according to him.

Im supposed to get my hair professional colored today with a trim. It is a Christmas present from my husband. I havent cut or trimmed my hair or anything in 6 years. It has gotten pretty long. Ive never been high maintenance. To tell you the truth, I feel bad about making the appointment and spending over 50 dollars on something so silly. I could use the money elsewhere for more important things. Im tempted to cancel, really tempted. My husband wants me to do this. Im not afraid of change or anything. I just dont like the whole spending that much money on something that really doesnt matter. Christmas present or not. I would like to do this but I feel guilty.

It is up in the air on whether or not I will be taking a prep course for the MCAT. If Im going to make a way to pay for the class, Id better decide quick if, Im in fact, going to take the course. Class starts the 30th of January. It is a lot of money too, but Id feel less guilty about spending on money as important as that.

Decisions, decisions….