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    Everyone who’s expecting in 2010, chime in here and keep us posted on how you’re doing and how you’re coping! (And no, I’m really not having any more. As my son says, we’re out of beds.)


    Residentmom, you got me all excited for you. You sure? 😉

    I’m a 3rd year med student, due with my 2nd on July 13. Oldest girl will be 25 mos then. I’m most likely going to take a year off….which means I only have 4 more months of 3rd year before I can finally relax!


    It’s a girl! due end of June
    my son will be 3 by then
    so now I can stop!

    3rd year now, I plan on taking a couple of weeks off and using my vacation time allotted for 4th year, and use that to make up the rotation that falls during the delivery.

    Doing great healthwise, other than a respiratory bug lasting 4 weeks now.

    On surgery, hours are long but fun! Ortho surgery ele after this, so some of the experiences I must miss due to radiation exposures. Overall, I’m great!


    alkatz, I did a post-partum rotation as a 4th year in my pediatricians’ office (she is community but associated-academic faculty). just a thought!!!

    (and nope, I don’t qualify for the pregancy update list)


    I’m expecting my first in March. Gender will be a surprise. Planning to work until I go into labor because of some complications, which I think is making my patients and colleagues nervous.


    I haven’t posted here in a while-mostly I’ve just been lurking as residency has been keeping me super busy!

    I am expecting my 1st in April, a girl and so excited after having 2 first trimester losses and TTC for 18 months.



    Congrats to you all!!


    That is so great, Mello! Congratulations!


    Pregnant with our third! I am only 6 weeks (not telling anyone at ALL yet) and will be due mid September…which works perfectly with then (fingers and toes crossed) hopefully going on my med school interviews thereafter! Not finding out gender, have a 3.5 year old girl and a 1 year old boy.


    Thinking seriously about trying for #4 soon! I know, crazy!!

    SW to MDSW to MD

    Docmomof3- you’re not the only one… we have been toying with that idea for a while…

    Going from one to two was really hard. Going from two to three was a piece of cake. I figure going to four just adds another layer of fun to the chaos 😉


    I’m a second year, and am expecting my first (boy? girl? we still don’t know!) in July. Yay for taking boards at 31 weeks! (Anyone who has been through this and has advice about accommodations I should ask for, please see my post in the USMLE forum)!


    SW to MD-We feel the same way- 1-2 was really hard, 2-3 was a breeze, and 3-4-what’s more chaos? Keeps life interesting….residentmom, any comments on that? is it true?


    #4 was just a seamless addition to an already chaotic life. 🙂 #2 was definitely the hardest for us.
    MDstud- I took all three steps of USMLE pregnant. If you are a good tester (mainly quick) you will probably not need any accomodation at all. I had ample time to snack, pee, and drink water between sections, and still finished early. But I am a very fast test-taker.


    Pregnant with #1, probably a boy, due in April.

    I’m currently a 2nd year — haven’t worked out with the school yet how my schedule will change. I’d like to get 3rd year over with, but I’m very apprehensive about the shelf exams, so… still vacillating.

    Thrilled, nonetheless.

Viewing 15 posts - 1 through 15 (of 187 total)
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