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    I’m 24 years old, and I am desperately in love with medicine. I really need someone to help me figure out the best path to get to medical school. I have a BA in Latin translation with 1.5 years of bio, 1.5 years chem. As part of my love of medicine I have done intensive volunteer work in an animal hospital and have had clinical experience with actual ‘patients’ that I never dreamed of having. I have considered veterinary medicine, but my interest keeps coming back to human medicine. I have also worked and volunteered in hospitals. I would love to have a relationship with someone near enough to my location so we could meet in person eventually, and so possibly I could have the experience of shadowing not just a DVM, but also and MD. I can provide references pertaining to my sincere interest, committment and passion for medicine from college professors and medical professionals. Looking forward to hearing from you…

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