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    I’m 27 and going premed. I just recently let the cat out of the bag and told my family and my husbands. Every since I was little I wanted to be a nurse. As I got older I always thought it would be interesting to be a physician, however, I felt I wasn’t “smart” enough. My husband has encouraged me and supported me to pursue this dream. I currently have a 3.6 GPA. I am still in the process of working on my sciences. I discovered I really wanted to be a physician about a 1 1/2 years ago when I began taking anatomy and physiology. I absolutely love it. I love to buy medical books and read them. I also am very person oriented and have great communication skills. When I think of my future I am so excited. I know it will be extremely rough with 2 kids and married life, but I have a great husband whom is very supportive.
    Now that you know my life basis, as I was saying before, I let the cat out of the bag. My family is very supportive (brothers and sister n laws). But yesterday I had spoke to my brother n law on my husband’s side whom is a vet. My sister n law (his wife) is a vet as well. Also the same brother n law’s brother is a neurosurgeon. He told me I should really evaluate what I am doing and that there is a lot
    He said there is a lot of work involved and I would be away from my family a lot. He suggested I shadow some physicians and find out all the cons with it and that it is not all peaches and cream. He also said that malpractice insurance is outrageous and that his brother has to pay a fortune. I don’t know if he thought that I am making a sudden career descision, but I have thought a lot about this. He explained about the internship and the low salary involved, which I was aware of.
    I have not shadowed any physicians, but I do feel I am researching a lot!!!!! I have about five books on medical school information that I am reading.
    I understand there is a lot of time away from family and a lot of work involved. I am willing
    I am willing to do the hard work and I am extremly fortunate for the very supportive husband that I have!!! I just feel as though my husband’s family doesn’t want to see me do this or that I am pulling this career plan out of the blue. I shouldn’t have to prove myself. All I want is support.
    I forgot to include that I was initially going for medical diagnostic sonography this previous year, but was planning on doing the medical school after i graduated. With advise from previous professors, they suggested I take the bull by its horns, don’t waste anymore time and go straight premed. Someone, please offer me guidance, suggestions, and support!. I hope I didn’t waste anyones time. Thanks!!!!


    I am going through very similar motions, except I am 33 with no husband to support me financially and emotionally. And no kids, which means I might have to put hold on having a family. I’m still in the decision making process. However, you should read the great responses I got under the “Pre-Med” section “Horror Stories??? – I shouldn’t have used that title, o well. Anyway, the responses are helpful… we’re all individuals and we must do what’s right for us. We just need to figure that out, and with the support on Momsmd.com… women who have been there, done that… I think we’ll be able to make the right decision for us – not for our brother-in-law or his brother, or his friend, etc. I don’t think you’re relatives are trying to dissuade you for their own glory. I think they’re just relating their experiences – what they know – and I’m sure you don’t agree with everything they say – right! Happy Holidays and Warm Regards!-Jeanine


    Hi! I can totally relate to what you are saying. if you would like you can send me a personal message and I can send you my e-mail address and maybe we can be support buddies on-line. I can tell you more about me then, but the basics are I am a 28 year old RN, planning on going back to college this next fall, married to a very supportive husband, but my parents are not supportive at all, they are worried about the stress on me. I too have done a lot of research on the internet and by reading books and all to really make a good decision, plus I love to read med books. My husband and I plan on having one child in the next couple years but he is wanting to be a stay at home dad while I am in med school, our income will be very tight since I won’t work but he can do some work from home with his job. Anyway, would love to get to know you if you would like. Take care :wave: Mehgan


    Being a doctor isnt easy, and it isnt easy beeing a nurse either…The same goes for all jobs. they all have its hard parts. but i think you have the paasion fot it..or atleast thats what i see from your message here.
    i think you can do it because you are interested in it, you are willing to work hard, you have given a lot of thought to it and because you have a supportive husband!!!!!!
    It takes a lot of family and friends support so i am here if you need any sort of friendship.
    I am in my final year now. i study in pakistan and belive me throug my years of studying there were many times i questioned my descicion. but there was some thing in me which knew that this was what i wanted. And that has just kept me going. And i think i can see that in you too.
    Good luck and feel free to be in touch with me.


    Thank you so much Jeanine, Meghan, and Tooba!!! I so much appreciate your input and support! You all are right…I am not going to let this get me down or get in my way. I have such a love and interest for it…I feel like there is such a need for me to do this, ya know. Almost like it is a calling. I’m taking the bull by its horns and doing it. It is just like what my husband said …I can’t listen to what everyone says about the negative. To take it and use it for information but don’t let it scare me. He used this as an example and he was soooo right. “What about when I was engaged or pregnant? How many people told me horror stories” Which is soooo true! and I am soooo happy with my family life. It all depends on the individual and experiences. My brother n law and his brother, maybe it is not meant for them, ya know? Thank you all for being there and if anyone wants to be support buddies that would be great! I would absolutely love that! Thanks again and happy holidays!

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