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    I am 28 years old, about to return to school to finish my pre-med prerecs then apply. at this rate i would be 32 when i started med school. I’ve been married for 3 years, my husband and i both want to raise children… but are conflicted about the amount of time i would be away during their first 2 years of life if i were to have one or two during med school/residency.

    We have considered having a couple kids, taking my time with pre-med classes, getting a job in research, and then applying… so i can get time with them before embarking upon this journey.

    i could wait until after residency but i would be 40 +. what are your thoughts and opinions on my timeline?

    i have shadowed PAs and doctors, interviewed physicians, and been of course encouraged and discouraged to pursue this path whilst having a family. we have no kids at this point… just a ticking biological clock 🙂


    If you look around MomMD you will see that people have had children at all phases of becoming a doctor, so anything is possible. There are so many factors that affect people’s likelihood of succeeding at both, such as how much support and help you have from your spouse and others, how you personally feel about not being available to your children for much of the time. I even wrote a post about it many years ago: http://www.mommd.com/forums/general-discussion/10465-predictors-for-balancing-medicine-and-motherhood.shtml#72256 There is no one right answer, and so much depends on the details of your own situation. Good luck!

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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