28 y.o. pre med mom seeks mentor, Chicago.

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    I am the mother of a nine and half month old boy, and I am starting this August at Loyola University Chicago as a Psychology major. I really want to become a doctor, however, I must admit that I am a bit terrified of the ride ahead of me.

    In the past, I have had a few false starts. Ten years ago, I started out at Arizona State University, but I had to leave due to illness. In the interim, I attended two community colleges, became a dog groomer, moved to England, married an Englishman, became an ACE-certified Personal Trainer, and had a baby. My personal interests are working out, going to the Art Institute of Chicago, and taking advantage of what Chicago has to offer.
    I guess I am looking for someone who has been there. Maybe you, like me, got a bit of a late start in your medical career.I have been reading sites about the non tradtional student, but I would like to have a mentoring relationship with someone who has been there. Maybe you can share tips on balancing study and family. Perhaps we could occasionally meet for lunch and a trip to the Art Institute.I would also like to hear about your career and what it has taken for you to get where you are today. It would be great to hear from you.

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