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    So, this weekend I am going solo with my kids, a girl of 3 years and a boy of 15 months. My husband is on call and my in-laws are out of town. Also, it’s expected to be quite cold (oh yay), so we’ll be fairly housebound. My son is in love with his ability to walk and climb, and unless he takes to the harness I’m going to try on him this week, there will be no going to malls or things like that as that would almost certainly end in disaster. My son is a very sweet little boy, but he hasn’t grown into any common sense yet and needs to be watched like a hawk.

    I am hoping for suggestions on activites that will please both. It’s not so hard to find things my daughter can do, or things my son might want to play with, it’s just a challenge for one adult to make both of them happy! Of course I have spent plenty of time alone with them, but generally for shorter stretches, and I’m just wondering if anyone who’s had the same situation has some new suggestions for me. There seem to be a lot of resources that are useful from about age two and up, but not so many for this particular situation.

    Any idease? Experiences? Thanks.




    Hi Cindy,

    My kids were closely spaced too, and I know what a challenge a 15 mos old can be when you have a curious 3 year old to entertain too. Things to try:

    If you don’t mind mess :rolleyes: – bake cookies with them (you MUST get organized for this before time, ie. when they are down for a nap). Give them each their “own” bowl, and a selection of acceptable ingredients (oatmeal, water, flour, sugar, choc chips, colourful sprinkles etc.) You make the real cookie recipe, they just mix (they you need to do a bit of magic to make their mix appear to cook into the real cookies).

    Play doh is usually good for both of these ages.

    Rent a children’s video that they haven’t seen and have family snuggle time while you watch.

    Spread a tablecloth on the livingroom floor, and pack a “basket” of snackfoods – have a picnic (kids LOVE this).

    Make a fort under the dining table by putting a bedspread or two over the table. Play underneath with flashlights.

    Since it is hard to go out at this stage (you are right about that) try inviting a friend over with her child/ren. This little bit of interaction will help the time pass for both the kids and you.

    When all else fails – give them a long bath. A bath at an unusual time (2 PM for instance) goes a long way to calming down my kids when they are bent out of shape. I let them use ladies shaving cream (it is quite mild and moisturizing compared to kids bubble bath) and they rub it on the tiles and then draw shapes/picures in it. Easy to erase!

    Good luck – they are only little for such a short time, so enjoy it. 😉


    I’ll hang on to those suggestions too, Mimicat, thanks!

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