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    I’m currently 37 years old and pregnant with my first child, and very excited! I’m very early on still but can’t help but think about the year to come. I’m due in early October and am wondering how I’m going to negotiate trying to do audition rotations, have a baby, apply for residency and graduate on time. I’m looking for any advice. I’m wondering if I should plan on taking a leave of absence after my baby is born and try to graduate a year later or, because I’m relatively older, if I should try to push through and graduate on time. I’m also wondering how it will be possible to do audition rotations, especially when I’ll be very pregnant and wanting to stay close to home and my ob/gyn for regular visits. Any advice would be much appreciated!!! Thanks!


    What specialty are you pursuing? Away rotations aren’t necessarily necessary. I did two, but honestly, one was military (i had to), and the other was a terrific experience at a great place, but turns out I ended up wanting to stay in a certain geographic area, and I didn’t end up prioritizing it after all (although it was a class A experience, and it taught me what I knew I needed in a residency). So while there is value in aways, they are not necessary for all specialties. That said, I am anesthesiology, and my buddies who are ortho HAD to do away rotations. Same with derm. So it depends on your specialty.

    And CONGRATS! It is very individual whether to take a leave or not. I had my child second year of med school and pushed through and did fine. I have zero regrets. I am close friends with others who took a year and appreciated that time. What is your heart telling you?


    Thanks for the reply! I’m interested in peds and would like to go back where my family is (in the Midwest, I’m currently on the East Coast).
    I’m thinking I’d like to take a leave but would also love to graduate with my class. Mostly I’m worried it will hurt my chances at matching.

    SW to MDSW to MD

    I had my youngest during second year and turned my program into five years versus four.

    The benefit of a fourth year baby is (hopefully! depending on the structure of your school!)
    1. online classes/electives with less requirements
    2. built in interviewing time (again, hopefully- not so much by me, but others I ran into on the interview trail def had built in time to interview)
    3. less requirements overall, so you have at least some time to spend with your little one.

    I would probably try to push through and see how things go. Midwest Peds programs tend to be pretty family friendly, at least from what I have heard. There is something to be said for graduating with your class- it is difficult to be thrown in with a ‘new’ group of people. But they will be just as supportive as the class you are with now.

    OTOH, if you want the year off, take it. You cannot get that time back with your little one. Do research (although know that while you may have the best of intentions, babies have a way of sidetracking those best intentions!), find projects to be involved in at school to add to your CV.

    Good luck, and Congratulations!!!

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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