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    Hi all,

    I’m so happy to have found a forum with other medically inclined folks and many of whom are already in residency. Well, I’m in the middle of my 4th year which was a bit of a rocky start since i spent two months catching up to my class. I was two months behind due to a leave of abscence but right now things are looking good. I just got my step II scores back which was a huge relief and have interviews schedule for the next 2 months.

    My biggest problems right now is getting ready for interviews which range from the mondane things like finding time saving and $$$ saving ways to travel to these sites and preparing for the interview itself. I’m not good at interviewing and I will need all the advice and tips i can get.

    Also if you guys have any tips on traveling please share. I’ve tried to save by scheduling block interviews in the same state but than I am stump with the dilemma of traveling in a car in unfamiliar territory (my sense of direction isn’t the greatest) I’m not sure how great the public transportation system is up in Pennsylvania or Virgina but will keep digging into that.

    Anways, I’m sure i’ve bored you all with my rambling. It’s nice being here! hope you hear from some of you.


    EM momEM mom

    Hi Minorka-
    It’s been awhile since I interviewed the first time, but now that I’ve been planning my interviews for the second time around I’m remembering how expensive it is! I remember that American Express had some travel voucher program (I never used it so I’m not sure how it worked) and that the AMA had some discount program for flights. As far as lodging goes a lot of groups/schools have programs where you can stay with someone that lives there (you’ll just need to call and ask). I also met people on te interview trail and we tried to help each other out by offering our places when they were interviewing at our schools (and vice versa) and by sharing hotel rooms (I never did this but I know a lot of people who did). As far as driving, just get good maps and give yourself plenty of time! Otherwise, just be sure that you take advantage of all of the frequent flier deals that you can get from interviewing (car rental, hotel and flights!) and maybe you can go somewhere good after this is all over!

    Andrea JanAndrea Jan

    Hi Minorka!

    I’d like to respond to your asking for advice on interviewing. Despite my many flaws, I generally interview pretty well.

    Among other things, I’ve found that a great strategy for interviewing is to get your interviewer talking! 😉 Believe it or not, when a person interviews you and they do a lot of the talking, they leave the interview thinking, “I really got along well with that candidate. That candidate is interested in the same things as I am. What a pleasant person.” :p One way to get them talking is to ask about the strengths and weaknesses of their particular program. Another good question is, “What is your particular area of interest within this field?”

    Second, you act like you are on a date. By that I mean, present yourself positively without dominating the conversation. Smile often. Know beforehand a few key things you’d like your interviewer to know about you – whatever you feel makes you a unique and outstanding candidate. Be sure to work those things into the conversation. Always try to let your interviewer take the lead. If your interviewer brings up some flaw in your record (leave of absence, poor grade in anatomy, whatever) have a good explanation as to what caused this flaw in your record, but do not dwell on it. Try to shift the conversation back to the interviewer, the program, or something positive about yourself.

    If a question takes you by surprise, just smile and say, “Wow, that’s an interesting question.” :scratchchin: Pause, think a moment, and then do your best to answer. Small pauses in the conversation are fine. It shows that you are really thinking about your answers and being honest. If there is ever an uncomfortable pause in conversation, just default to one of your good questions about the interviewer or the program.

    Interviewing really CAN be enjoyable. Remember that YOU are interviewing the other person just as much as they are interviewing you. Just go into the interview with the attitude, “I’m curious about this program. I’m curious about my interviewer. I will relax, smile, and do the best I can to find out about this program and this interviewer.”

    😀 You’ll be a HUGE success!

    Andrea Jan


    thanks so much for your awesome advices ^__^
    I really appreciate those pointers and will definitely keep those in mind.

    my first interview is this week *yikes* lol

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