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    My question is, are the new rules helping make the OB/GYN residency any less brutal? Experiences please! Thanks.


    I don’t have experience as a current resident, but as a current practicing OB/GYN, I need to tell you that even if they change the residency hours, the reality of life after residency is still a very long work week for the average M.D. in private practice (e.g. 70-90 hours is typical). If you don’t get used to it in residency, you’re in for a rude awakening in private practice. I hear that academics have similar hours, and only Kaiser type jobs have less hours, but then you have the business of your practice directed by pennypinching administrators. We all have to work to get paid, and it doesn’t come without long hours in this field. Patients expect you to be available for them, because they’re special, which translates into less protected personal time unless you define your availability very clearly. We have a 5 woman group in Sacramento CA, soon to 6. We manage the availability and stay flexible by sharing all of our OB patients, and explaining that to them. Not all are happy, but most are accepting since they meet us all ideally. Many other larger groups or smaller groups share call, and patients may have their special deliveries attended by a perfect stranger, which does not increase patient satisfaction. So keep checking your priorities! Good Luck!



    Hi there, we used to live in Davis. My dh went to school there and worked as the Assist Softball Coach back in the 90’s. We married in 1993 and lived by the school in married housing. It is fun to hear from others who lived there. We had our 1st dd at Kaiser in Sac. All my OB appts were in Davis.

    Just wanted to peep in and say hi.



    Thank you, Lynnecfmd. This is the kind of information I am looking for. OB/GYN is not at the top of my list, but I have a couple of years to try to figure it out and am trying to weigh all options. We had our children during my husband’s residency (neuro, but an intense program, and of course beginning with a medicine internship), and a lot of times it did feel like we only got the scraps that were left of him after his 90-100+ hours in the hospital. I know that any field I enter will be demanding, but that there is some variability. I have had a slight guilty feeling about OB hours, because both my children were born in the middle of the night! I suppose third year of medical school (next year, hopefully) will be some test of how it all works.

    Thanks again.



    I know from a friend that part time ob/g insurance (not the expensive kind) costs around $51K for ob/g’s in New Jersey… full time can cost as much as $250K in NJ. a couple of dubious cases involving lawyers, and insurance costs can soar. And reimbursement keeps declining…practically down to peds levels…

    sorry to sound so bleak… Anyone have any good news about ob/g?

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