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    I apologize in advance for not posting under thinking of a medical career but that board isnt currently very active 🙂

    Has anyone here ever applied to medical schools with anything besides BoS in bio or chem and been accepted? For example philosophy along with exceptional grades in the required math and science and good mcat scores.

    I ask this for a few different reasons

    1. I am going back to school after completing an assoc degree in a computer related field that I hate

    2. I want to get a REAL education to better myself and help me to best choose my lifes work.

    3. I would like to be able to use my bachelors degree ( philosophy) to do something else like education or law maybe in the event that I finish all this school and find I wouldnt make a great MD after all ( or get turned down my med school 🙂 )

    4. isn’t it a good idea to try and make yourself stand out among the other applicants

    what do you think???


    I’m an engineer and I got accepted. A good friend of mine was a spanish major and got accepted. Last year, my college sent a music major and a sculpture major to med school. It can be done, and it gives you something to talk about in interviews!


    Thank you so much Drey you give me hope 🙂


    I hope you’ll get more replies from the MomMD crowd! There many medstudents who did not major in a Bio/Chem. I’m interviewing for med school right now, with a degree in Anthropology, and I’ve not had anyone challenge my degree.



    I am HOPING to get accepted with a BBA and MBA background. Took two years of science courses right before applying, after being out of school for about 10 years.

    Mimi :rolleyes:


    Hello tconlgirl, :wave:
    I know a ton of people who have been accepted w/o being science majors… including my husband and I. We were both Psychology majors, got our degree then decided to be docs (this was all decided before we were dating, kinda weird that we did the exact same thing 🙂 ). So we each had to go back to school to do all our prereqs and now we’re MSII’s (at 2 different med schools). Lots of both of our classmates are non-science majors. IMHO you should major in something your interested in (just make sure you take all the correct prereqs) because undergrad is that last time that you’ll be able to take non-science classes and pursue other academic intrests. In my experience with addmissions they do not look down upon non-science majors. They actually encourage it for the reasons I stated above. They also like to see well-rounded individuals that have other interests! (and my husband agrees :yes: ). So major in what you like and have fun. Do what is best for you, not what you think is best for med school, and in the long run what you choose will be what is best for med school admissions because the happier you are and the more you enjoy what you’re learning the better you’ll do academically! :hyper:

    Hope this helped and good luck to you!


    Definately major in something you love! Actually, a few years ago at least, the percentage of majors with the highest admittance to medical school was…philosophy majors! I think you’ll do great. As a philosophy major, you will discuss complex issues and learn how to think critically.

    I was a journalism major. We just ask a lot of questions. :rotfl:


    M -AM-A

    Hi Sally,

    I met a doctor who got into med school with and English BA! It depends on which school you apply to, some are more interested in students with a non traditional background. As long as you have your science pre requisites, I’m sure it will be fine.

    I am in the same situation since my undergrad is in Fine Arts!? Good Luck!


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