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    I was writing this priv. mail to someone RE: scopes, and thought I would share with y’all :p YUCK!!!! The one thing that made me totally sick in med school was watching a “scope” actually it was an “upper” and seeing the stomache juice and bile swish around made me want to vomit- Also one time I walked into an adolescent room in the ER who was there for vomiting and the stench made me have to hold my breath, then I realized that we see gastroeneritis all the time in peds, but when they come they are usually just throwing up pedialyte- no smell to that! I read a medical humor book once that said that you know what specialty you will go into by what bodilly fluid you mind the least! I couldn’t do OB even though I liked gyn b/c I couldn’t stand the smell in the delivery room of “menstrual” blood mixed with stool, and surgery- decubs – forget about it! How about being sterile, scrubbed up for bowel surgery and they open the colon- whew- do you really still feel sterile? (BTW- embarrassing Q- I have to post this in general if you don’t mind) who would ever admit to farting in the OR??? :blush: I totally don’t mind being urinated on, which happens often in peds, but I know how to avoid the stream from boys- 😉 I almost never have to do a rectal- and diapers generally get changed by the parents or the nurses- babies are usually well taken care of, even when the parents stink- but how about the grotesquely obese pt with who knows what (food? stool?) in thoses layers and folds of fat? :confused: and what about adult diapers? and the old lady from the nursing home who no one ever bothered to brush her teeth? Sounds crass? I do feel sorry for them, but I just rather work with kids- Hope I put a smile on your face 😀


    Funny stuff!! I have a gross/funny story.

    Last year one of our ER residents had to do a pelvic exam on this extremely obese woman. In the room was him, and the nurse. When he put in the speculum, he gagged…and when he removed the speculum she pooped – all over his hands, wrists, and onto the floor and his shoes. He turned his head and vomited all over the floor. Then the nurse, seeing all of this, turned and vomited all over the floor. The poor woman, embarassed, started wailing.

    Oh, and another one, and a reminder to translate medical jargon to patients (if necessary). I was examining a woman who presented with a skin rash and mucosal scalding. In trying to convince my superiors of the potential seriousness of these findings (such as Stevens Johnsons Syndrome, or TEN) I emphasized that this woman was “tachy in the 130s.” When I returned to the bedside the woman was upset and teary eyed. When I asked her what was bothering her, she responded “I may be tacky, but I’m clean…I just don’t have lots of money for new clothes.” Oh nooooo…..that’s not what I meant!!

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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