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    Hi, I just joined this forum 🙂 . I just finished my BS in Biochem and I’m 22 years old. My husband (a general surgeon) and I are thinking of starting a family soon, along with this, I want to go to med school. Being a doctor has been my dream from a very very young age. I just wanted some advice from people who in this situation, I don’t know how tough med school will be, but I want to know that having a kid will be possible and that med school won’t affect my child’s growing up… any advice? Thanks.



    I am also new to MomMD. I am a second year med student and although I have no children (yet), I thought I might let you know how friends of mine who are students handle things. First of all, having children and going to med school is completely possible. I have several friends who have done so. First, be sure to scope out family friendly med schools (ask around). At my school, students have the option to “extend.” By that I mean complete the first 2 years of school in three years (or the second 2 in 3). Several of my friends have done this and this allows time for them to spend time with their child(ren) (and endure pregnancy with less stress). Other friends have decided to stay full time, but tried to pick the best time for them to have kids. Some consider this to be the second or third year. These friends have very supportive husbands who are able to spend more time with the child(ren) to make this possible. Hope you find this info helpful. I wish you the best in your decision making. 🙂 Kesha


    What I did has worked out well for me so far.

    Like you, at 22 I knew that I wanted to go to med school, but I also wanted to be a mom. My husband & I decided to have the kiddo first. That allowed me to be a stay-at-home mom & spend tons of time with my daughter. I enjoyed it tremendously & it was great for her.

    When she started kindergarten, I prepared for the MCAT and got things ready to apply. I began med school when she started 2nd grade. This way she is in school during the day when I’m in school.

    This isn’t perfect & I’m away a lot, but for me it is a much better option than doing the same with a younger child.

    Just my :twocents:


    thanks for the replies, i think i’m going to try med school and if it works for me and babies then it does, if not, then i know i need to be a mom more so i’ll do that, and maybe med school will happen later 🙂

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