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    CaLiGirL :)CaLiGirL:)

    Hi everyone! :wave:

    My name is Annie, and I’m your “Family and Parenting” forum moderator. I’m starting a new introduction thread in response to seeing new users here on the boards…

    I’ll go first, although I’ve been a member here for quite some time, and this would be approximately my 10th introduction. 😀 I’m a senior over at UCLA majoring in Molecular, Cell, and Developmental Biology. I’m a premed student hoping things will work out so that I will be able to apply this coming June. My daughter’s father and I are no longer together, so applying to medschool may be a little more difficult than anticipated, only because I am very limited as to how many schools I can apply. We’ll see… I’m thinking about going for a masters degree first. I’ll have my fingers crossed… :crossfingers:

    My beautiful daughter, my best friend, my one and only love is 5 years old and has just started kindergarten. I love MomMD b/c I know that I can always come here for much needed advice on how to handle her, what to pack her for lunch :laughing: , what to expect as she grows, and much much more.

    If you’re new here, please, introduce yourself as we’d love to get to know you. 🙂 For those of you who’ve been around for a while, we’d love to get to know you all over again ( 🙂 ), so the newer members can get a feeling of who frequents the boards here…

    Hope everyone’s having a wonderful week…

    Annie 🙂


    I am a 4th year med student with a 1 yo son and a baby due in April. :boggled: .

    EM momEM mom

    Hi- I’ve really appreciated all of the support I’ve found here at MomMd so even though this is one of many introductions-I’ll introduce myself again…

    I’m a married and the mom of a beautiful one year old daughter. I did my undergrad and medical school in Minneapolis, MN and then moved to Houston, TX when I matched in general surgery (at Baylor College of Medicine). I’ve done 2 years of clinical surgery and 2 years of a research fellowship in surgical oncology. The expected plan was for me to go back to clinical surgery this July (I have 3 years left-surgery is a 5 year program), but decided that surgery isn’t what I want so I resigned (I’ll be leaving as soon as my second year of research fellowship is up). I’m now going through the match (for the SECOND time!) looking for a spot in Emergency Medicine. At the rate I’m going…well, I’ll leave THAT alone! I’m thrilled, scared, excited and a million more emotions about starting all over again, but am convinced that it is the right thing to do!

    Very nice to meet all of you and look forward to hearing from you on the boards!

    CaLiGirL :)CaLiGirL:)

    bump. 🙂

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