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    I am new here and have a question… My first year of college I recieved a 3.0 GPA due to my lack of studying. This year I took gen chem and got a D. I am going to retake this class in the summer, but my GPA has dropped to a 2.5. I am very upset with myself because I know that I can do much better. I am very afraid that I will not get into med school with having a D on my transcripts. I know if I work hard I can bring my GPA up because I have 2 1/2 years of college left. Does anyone have any advice for me? Can my dream of becoming a doctor still become a reality?


    You will be okay but make sure that you get an A in this class the second time around. Also, if you received a D why are you taking this class in the summer? summer courses are much more fast paced than fall/spring ones and with your soso performance the first time I would really be hesitant to take it in the summer….


    You can bring it up but beware that it is going to take a long time to do that. No you are not doomed though, dont give up before you have really even started!

    Figure out why you didn’t do very well in that class. I dont think I would take it over in the summer because you *need* to make an A in there since you have a D.

    I have 2 F’s on my transcript from over 10 *years* ago that still haunt me to this day 🙁 Even though I make virtually all A’s now it has been **very** hard and a long time comin to bring my GPA up to a decent level. But the thing is I have not given up and I plan on getting accepted to med school my first go around!


Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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