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    I cannot believe how fast you responded to my post, You guys are amazing! Thanks!

    My story is a little complicated. I have a bachelor degree in business from Israel (I finished first in my class, but i don’t know if anyone would consider my high GPA from there).

    When i moved here (Los Angeles), I had no clue about the application process, so I called UCLA medical school (only UCLA) and they recommended I take all the prerequisites in Santa Monica College (community). So I took 3 out of 4 chemistry classes there, and life science in UCLA extensions.

    By talking to other students, I learned that the issue of taking classes in a community college is controversial, so I wanted to take some classes in UCLA, to show that I can get the A’s there too.
    Unfortunately, I could not get into the organic class I needed (II out of III), so arrogantly, I enrolled the third one, thinking I will manage to cover II on my own. Well, I am not doing that well. I know a B isn’t that bad, but the A’s I have in chem are all from a community college.

    My options now are:
    1. Take one class in that community college, in a short, condensed and convenient winter semester, and withdraw from the UCLA class.
    2. not to withdraw the class and risk a B (or worse), and take the next class at SMC.
    3. Risk that B, and take chem II in UCLA.

    I know it is long, I have a long story, but don’t we all?

    Please, any advise would help.


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