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    We recently made the physician only forum open to unregistered users, within less than 24 hours a series of unsolicited advertising posts were made. Making the forums unregistered were intended to benefit our physician members who value anonymity. I am extremely dissappointed that this was abused.

    To ensure the integrity of this forum visitors to this site must know that advertising is STRICTLY PROHIBITED in these forums. Our members are too busy to be bombarded with advertisements within topics of discussion. ANYONE found advertising or blatantly soliciting for business WILL BE BANNED and BLOCKED from using these forums. If you wish to advertise to our valued audience you must look at our advertising page and options here [URL=][/URL ]

    YOU CAN place a link to your website in your profile and of course link to relevant resources and websites for our members. These messages should not look, sound or feel like anything like an ad! If in doubt email our administrators at

    I hope this is clear! Thanks for listening!

    Sethina Edwards
    President, MomMD

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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