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    Since I am a non-traditional applicant, I am required to submit a resume with my application to “explain” how I’ve used my years since undergrad… Well, I have had a fairly heavy career in investment banking, and I am a bit afraid that my professional resume that I included with my application last year may have hindered my “leap” into medicine…

    Does anyone have any experience with this issue? I spent a fair amount of my essays selling my “transferable skills”, but I am wondering still if my resume hurt my chances by forcing the committee to think of me only as a business women. :rolleyes: Should I drastically scale down the amount of info in my resume? If I just put job titles, they will have NO idea what I did, but on the other hand, maybe that is better…

    What did those of you with successful non-medical careers do about this issue during the application cycle?

    Thanks, Mimi 😮


    Hi Mimi. I’m a nontrad like you. I wouldn’t change your resume at all. You should be proud of all your professional accomplishments. Most medical schools will appreciate that you’ve been out in the “real world” and have dealt with real problems, issues, etc. that you wouldn’t have learned as a traditional undergrad.

    However, your personal statement or essay should explain why you want to change careers into medicine as most adcoms will ask you this question in an interview if your application doesn’t already cover it. But, your resume should probably stand “as is.” Be proud of what you’ve done!


Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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