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    My 7 year old son just got put on breathing treatments today for the first time. 🙁 He has seasonal allergies and recently began another bout of the sneezing/runny nose routine. I took him into the pedi b/c he started to run a mild temp and it’s Friday. (he also has a history of being much sicker than he appears, ear infection and strep without complaints!)

    I’ve counted myself lucky over the years because Houston is a major allergy hotspot and none of my kids ever developed asthma, etc. Now he’s got this wheeze and eczema to boot. Not a good mommy day. :no:

    Funny thing is, he’s acting mostly normal. The doc was surprized at how bad he sounded because he just looks like a kid with a runny nose.

    At least I’m home and able to care for him. Which for a 7 yr old boy means renting a play station game and giving him gatorade and lots of Kleenex! 😀

    Given the time of year, I imagine lots of you guys have sick little ones.



    My 7 year-old also has allergy induced asthma and only requires lq. albuterol when she has a bad cold. Unfortunately, I have asthma too and turend down a fantasitc educational opportunity in Houston (PhD program at UTHouston/MD Anderson) because of it. I had then planned to apply to Baylor med which I’m sure I would have loved 🙁 . Plus, the weather there seems to be a nightmare in the summer. Oh well… :p

    PS- I love gatorade named after my alma mater of course 😉


    Thanks for replying! You know, I think we may have discussed Houston and allergies a while back.

    I’m very bummed because although he’s not wheezing as much, the congestion seems to be worse and his energy level is decreasing. think I might have to take him back to the pedi tomorrow.

    I used to get the allergy induced asthma and bronchitis about 3-4 times a year. about 2 years ago I have a nasal surgery that repaired a badly deviated septum and reduced the overgrown tissue in my nasal passage. Since then, no bronchitis or asthma! 😀 For years I’d been listening to FP’s say they could manage it medically and I didn’t need to see an ENT. Lucky for me, that year I had insurance that let me consult a specialist without a referral. My dad had also had the same surgery a few months before me and it cured his sleep apnea and improved his cough as well.

    Now I see some of these same symptoms in my son (allergies, asthma, snoring) and I worry… he’s got eczema to boot. I’ve heard allergies and eczema together mean greater risk of developing asthma. 🙁

    Nothing like a sick kid to bring out the worry-mommy in me!



    Hey Theresa,
    My 4 year old has eczema too. It is pretty severe, multiple allegies to food, tomatioes, watermelon, eggs..cats…My 3 year old has seasonal allegies, caused him to end up getting tubes placed in both ears. Now the tubes have expelled themselves as they should, he got the flu, became stuffed up and bingo bango, he has bilateral ear infections.
    It has been linked that kids with eczema usually has a parent that is asthmatic, in that case, it is my husband. All my kids accept the 3 year has dry skin without having eczema. I feel sorry for my one with eczema, always itching no matter what, and I just wonder if he will be teased in school. I hope he grows out of it, Im not too hopeful of this,because it has gotten worse. He was born with it. Had it from day 1. He used to always rubb his feet on the carpet when a baby, that was one of my first clues. He had scolded face syndrome when he was born. He was definately a red baby, but at that time, I attributed it to my indian heritage, turns out=-ECzema.



    My ds 18 months has Ec also. 🙁 He had it bad on his feet when he was 11 months. He still has it mild on his arms and legs and feet. The weather is a little cooler now so I have been running the Heat. I have noticed he is a little dryer now. I have had dry skin my entire life but I never get patches of Ec. I can not live in the snow weather. That kills my skin. :crossfingers:



    That brings something to mind, Shellbell, when my son is hospitalized (has been so on several occassions) I notice his eczema improves dramatically. I attribute this to not being exposed to the environmental allergens/contaminants/pollutants. When we are discharged, a day or so afterwards, it flares up.


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