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    I’m 38 year old single mother of two boys (9 & 11). Am I crazy to be considering going to medical school? My father is a physician and I’ve always had a yearning to become a doctor, but never did pursue it. I’ve always found the field of Radiology fascinating and want to know if it’s possible to go after that dream. How can I go to school, take care of my boys and earn a living at the same time? Any thoughts on this would be very appreciated!



    Hi Sarah!
    First of all, let me tell you. From all I see here and at, it is possible!
    I’m also 38, starting my prereqs this year and will be taking my MCAT in August 2004 or April 2005.
    When I first considered being a doctor, I was too embarrassed to say anything to my family because my age (37). But the more they see my determination, the more receptive they are.
    How old will you be when your 9 yr old graduates from high school? I have a 19 month old, 5 yr old, 13 yr old, and a 15 yr old. Looking at it in terms of where will I be at the point of my youngest graduating, I’m more than ready. Lots of people go back to school and change careers in their 40’s and 50’s. We’re still youngsters!
    As far as support, do you have family or friends close by to help with the boys when you need to study or during the 3rd & 4th yr? Depending on how far you need to go before applying, the boys are old enough to help you.
    As far as earning a living, you will need to use savings or obtain loans to live on during med school since the curriculum is so rigorous. It is done all the time and we just face the music when we get to the end. You can also apply for financial aid and programs like the National Health Service Corp that will pay tuition, fees & books as well as a modest stipend.
    There is so much along the way to help you, including the support you can get on this web site.
    Ultimately, however, it will be your decision whether you want to make the journey. It’s not an easy road for anyone but your children are old enough to handle it and by experience I know that if you’re happy, your children will thrive.
    Best wishes, Sarah to you and your boys!


    I would like to let you know about some online degree programs in medicine and in other allied health careers. These programs are very flexible and allow you to set your own schedule while finishing your education. The best part is you can still have a family life also. I would love to share this info with you guys.
    Contact me
    Tell more about what you are looking for and your educational background. [email][/email]


    Are you too old? I dunno, that’s up to YOU! If you FEEL like you’re old, then maybe you are. But if you feel like you’re just WISER, then GO FOR IT!! I know I’m still going to turn 40…I can’t stop the clock. What I can control is my destiny. I know this is what I want to do. If I hit a few road bumps, then that’s OK. If it takes me 2,3 or whatever years to get in, then that’s OK, too. But I really don’t feel like I’m too old to do anything. I’ll be 32 this year and will apply this summer. If you want a definate answer as to whether it’s too late for you, I’ll tell you when I finish and I am a DOCTOR!!
    Don’t let age be the deciding factor whether you pursue this or not! We can ALL do it if we want it bad enough, no matter if you’re 22, 25 or 45! 😀
    Good luck to you!


    I am a single mom, too! I am planning NOW for the support from family that I’ll need when the time comes! Remember: POSITIVE THINKING!! :goodvibes:

    Irene AdlerIrene Adler


    As Ann Landers once said: “How old will you be if you don’t go?”

    I was 15, and my sisters were 12 and 18 when my mother entered medical school at the age of 42. She is now in private practice. She loves it. I’m applying to medical school this year (I’m 30), and I plan on taking over the family business when I get out–assuming Mom ever decides to slow down.


    Dear Irene;

    Can you please tell me more about your mom? I always want to find out more about people who have started medical school in their 30’s, 40’s or 50’s and are now working as doctors. I am also 32 and will be sitting for the entrance exams this year.



    I’m glad I got to read all of your responses. I’ve been think about going to med school but thought maybe it was too late. Not too late but that it would take me too long. I’m 25 and I have a 1 year old. Finding the time to study seems difficult especially with a full time job. But one thing is true… I’d rather try it then regret it later when it’s really too late. We should all GO FOR IT!! 😀

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