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    Hi all,

    Is anyone presently filling out the AMCAS or has already completed it? I am finishing up my personal statement and still need to put in all my extra curriculars. Any advise? I feel a bit behind in the process, but I’m hoping that is not the case.

    What is a good timeline of when things need to be completed by,… ie., AMCAS, letters of rec, 2ndaries, etc. THANKS!


    You’re still OK on time for completing AMCAS. 😀 Most med schools don’t start looking at the new applicants until they completely fill and finalize the current one (usually in August…around the first day of orientation).

    That said, you do still want to get it done as soon as you can. You should already have requested any transcripts that need to be sent.

    As far as secondaries and LORs go, some schools (usually your state schools) will send you a secondary if you call them. Others make you wait. It never hurts to call the admissions office and see if they will send you one. The LORs usually are done around the time of the secondary apps (you can again check with the schools), but you should get them lined up soon. Some undergrad programs have committees that write the letters, others have you pick profs to write them. You’ll probably also need a letter from a physician.

    The entire application process is a bunch of hurry-up-and-wait :rolleyes: , so try not to get frustrated.


    Hi LittleMD,
    I hope to click off my AMCAS application in just a few minutes. It’s a weirdly nerverwracking process, isn’t it. I was all set to be super early with the whole thing and then a few days ago I realized it was July and I still hadn’t done it… but it still is relatively early…

    Good luck with it!


    Thanks so much DrMom and AnotherJen! I really appreciate the advise.

    I definitely still need to polish up my personal statement, need to get people to read it and get some advise,… Then its just filling out a few more things and sending it! The whole process is almost surreal,… all our hopes and dreams, being filled out on the web?!

    Mary B-B ToBeDocMary B-B ToBeDoc

    Hi! I just sent my AMCAS app in earlier this week…it does take real time to fill out, even with a direct connection. But IT’S DONE…now more MCAT prep…good luck to everyone here!

    Mary 😎


    Awww y’all are so lucky to have it online…

    I feel like an old fart already, but I had to rent a typewriter for three months so I could type my AMCAS application and fill out my secondaries.

    So it could be worse – 😉

    Now take a breath, because before you know it, the secondaries will be on their way!

    Best of luck!!!



    Well Emma, I wouldn’t say we were lucky last year! When AMCAS went online it was a huge mess. Thank goodness they seem to have their act together this year!

    LittleMD, you are definitely not too late, but the sooner you get your application in the better. Of course, you want it to be as good as possible too. Now is an excellent time to start asking people for letters of recommendation. Although you won’t need them until your secondaries come, you can at least find out who is willing to write one for you. Make sure they know that you need a really strong letter, and always give them an “out” if they aren’t comfortable writing a really strong letter.



    I am looking at the amcas application, and I keep popping up with strange questions… Like “if I Ttended a school for one semester in 2005 and then again in 2012/2013 for 2 classes do I put the start/end dates as those dates or do I separate them out?” And “Do I include my not-for-college-credit EMT-I course? And if so how?”


    I separated them out. Yes. List the EMT course as noncredit. List everything. They will decide what means anything to them.

    I am on the adcom interview committee at my school, and all we see are the lists of what you’ve attended. It doesn’t make a difference how many times School X shows up – we can see what you took and when it it is fine. It’s nice to know you took an EMT course also.

    It is not a fun application. Just get it done! Best of luck!


    I wanted to pass along this great AMCAS resource I stumbled upon:

    Its an online “course” (read: can do after the kids are asleep) that walks you through the AMCAS application. I did some research and Dr. Miller specializes in working with non-traditional students so it was incredibly helpful in figuring out how to account for my depth of experience, etc on the application.

Viewing 10 posts - 1 through 10 (of 10 total)
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