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    So here I begin another phase of my journey. I am a wife and a mother of 3 little ones with one on the way. I will be starting intern year soon! I am kind of scared to start residency with a new baby due very soon after. How will I cope with 3 children and an infant? Better yet, how am i going to survive the first couple of months on the wards in my 3rd trimester of pregancy?

    I am not new to this in a way. I started med school with a toddler and an infant, then had my 3rd child in my preclinical years. To start off residency with another pregnancy shouldn’t be too bad right?

    No! first off, I am scared because I will actually be responsible for at least 10 patients at a time. Furthermore, I don’t think I remember anything from my medicine rotation. I am not confident in my EKG interpretations, i have never corrected any electrolyte imbalances and …I am starting my year on the wards!!! HELLLLP! I got away with not doing an actual medcine sub-I and the other subspecialty sub-I I did was very laid back. I wrote orders but was never allowed to put in my own orders or anything of that sort. I made that choice because at the time I was burnt out and needed something a bit laid back! I guess I’ll be paying for that now.

    I am in the process of interviewing nannies. Boy, are they expensive. It seems my entire paycheck will go to pre-school and nanny services. I don’t trust a stranger to be in my home taking care of my kids without any supervision either. I am worried that I will not be able to breastfeed my baby as long as i would like due to being away all the time and being unable to pump consistently while at work.

    My mom will stay with me for a couple of months after the baby then I’d probably need a live-in nanny afterwards. I don’t know if I want to do this considering that we don’t have enough room for a live-in. My other option is to have MIL stay with us and take care of the baby and get a live-out nanny to to help with the kids in the mornings and pick-ups from school. MIL has stayed with us before and it was too stressful for me to deal with her complaints and daily unhappiness. I just want to be able to come home at the end of a work day and relax with a peace of mind in my own home instead of walking on eggshells to avoid offending her with everything I do or say. She takes good care of her grandkids and cleans and cooks for “her son” and not me. This has been made very clear to me! This woman had the nerve to tell me that she was having a conversation with someone and the person said that once I become an MD I will leave/divorce her son! Preposterous. What kind of person does she think I am? And why would she be having that conversation in the first place with “someone.” Maybe that’s her wish because she thinks I’ve stolen her son from him since he’s no longer dishing money out to her like water when he was single. Hello lady, we have our own responsibilities too! I know she is my husband’s mom but MILs can be so selfish and difficult at times. I appreciate every help she’s given us but I always felt like she resented me for going to school. She told me she didn’t understand how i could leave an infant and return to med school. Oh before I even started med school she told my DH that if i go to school I will lose my prime childbearing years. Ok THEN! So I have read many blogs on here and MILs don’t seem to GET IT! Sometimes i understand how they can feel that their sons are being neglected or abandoned because they are mothers just like we are. But they often take things too far! I pray I do not become such a MIL in the future! I pray everyday for the Lord to give me unconditional love and respect for my MIL because it gets difficult at times. Okay I digress ;).

    So… I hope i do find a solution to this nanny situation very soon. I had a pleasant interview with one lady. She sounds nice. But… she talks too much! In the middle of conversation about our faith and raising children etc she mentioned how she lives an upright life but “sometimes she does pray she doesn’t fall into temptation when she sees a good looking man because of course she is human and has been single for a while”! I was like, hold on (said to myself, of course) my husband is pretty good looking and you’ll have to be around him a lot. I guess it won’t work out for us because I don’t want you to feel tempted and lusting every minute after my DH when you’re supposed to be caring for my children. :confused:

    Well, too long a post this has been! I have to get the kids ready for bed and continue my chores! I still have lots of online orientation/training to complete. OOOOOHH. :sleep:

    Side Note:Does anyone have suggestions for any helpful intern survival guides or tips of your own to give? Please let me know.


    So, I have had intern orientation all week and all I can say is Information overload. I am just exhausted from sitting all day listening to speaker after speaker.

    In other news i hired the talkative Nanny i was interviewing. Things didn’t go too well her first couple of days. I think she has issues with being told what to do. She wants to do things “her way.” She seems to be nice and trustworthy though but I think she craves attention. It is so hard to find a good person so I’ll stick with her and see how things pan out. If not, I’ll be looking again. Hmm why does this have to be so difficult?

    So, I’ll start my 1st day of internship on-call! I haven’t had time to panic yet but I know I will the night before ;-(.

    Pregnancy is kicking literally kicking my behind. I have excruciating pelvic girdle pain when I walk. My entire pelvic girdle must have dislocated or something because I am waddling like a duck. Apparently I have an antalgic gait now. I think I got off the bed the wrong way, I heard a pop and I’ve been in pain for almost 1 week now. How do I take call like this? 🙁

    well, nothing interesting going on here. i am dead tired and can’t play with kiddos like before. I am constantly tired. I need to double up on my vitamins likemy OB said.


    This is the advice I must tell you: You say in regards to correcting electrolytes: ” I made that choice because at the time I was burnt out and needed something a bit laid back! I guess I’ll be paying for that now.” No, the human beings that are your patients could pay for it now. This is not a game anymore. It is hard to be an excellent dr while caring for kids etc. I get it, I live it every day. But this is not pass=M.D., this is if you mess up, someone could be hurt or die. So why dont you get one of those intern pocket books (it doesn’t matter which) and read it, and make sure every call you get from the floor, go see the patient and read the chart. Read about your patients. With uptodate on every computer, it is not hard to get information. Listen to the nurses as they know a lot. But I have to encourage you and every intern out there that this is real life anymore, and regardless of the challenges we face at home, when you walk in that patient room you are their doctor, this is quite possibly the worst day of this person’s life, and you have to do everything in your power to make sure that they get the best medical care possible. There are no excuses.

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