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    i am interested to hear from other DOs about your experiences and opinions on going this route/

    Brenda MayBrenda May

    Hi Su4n2,

    I am not a DO yet but will be starting at Touro Univeristy next August. I researched both and chose DO because it fit me better. I spent time at UC Davis and UCSF and they are great MD schools but once I actually went and spent time at Touro, my mind was made up. This school just seemed more human to me. It was a combination of teaching philosophy and openess that I just didn’t find at the MD schools. I am sure that there are MD schools out there that offer the same kind of environment so just keep researching.


    hello to you both! i am an MSI at KCOM in kirksville, mo. i was interested to see your post, as i feel a little funny about posting on momMD! of course, no one around here has been anything but friendly to this future momDO! 🙂 i can appreciate both sides to medicine, but for me i am absolutely not interested in research or teaching medicine. i want to be a clinician and felt that osteopathy really fit with my idea of what a clinician should be. it’s just a personal thing when you choose a medical school. but i’m happy to say that i have been very pleased with my decision to go to KCOM. my husband and i had not planned on having kids while i was in school, but now that we are pregnant, i’m happy that i am at such a family oriented school. the great thing about this place is that they really encourage you to take care of yourself and your family. they also really want you to succeed and will do anything to help out the students. so anyway, i’m not sure if i answered your question. i just wanted to say hello from a fellow DO (future, anyway!) good luck with everything!


    I’m an MS1 at Oklahoma State and absolutely love it. Of course I’m studying all of the time & don’t see my family as much as I should, but I’m definitely where I belong. My school is very student and family friendly: its so nice to be at a school where we are encouraged to help each other out rather than compete against each other.

    I really like the philosophy and my husband likes it when I have to practice my OMT!


    there was an interesting thread about this:

    http ://;f=1;t=000070;p=1

    Good luck!


    Hi all,

    I am not futr_babyDOc, I am her husband futr_eyeDOc. I can offer you a perspective slightly different from most of my osteopathic medical colleagues. I chose osteopathic medicine not because the manipulation intrigued me, but because of the philosophy. The body is a unit, structure and function are reciprically interrelated, the body has the capablity to heal itself. Also, the belief that the role of the physician is to aid the body in its self healing processes; wheather that is through medication, surgery or manipulation.
    Now, with that said, there are several aspects of Osteopathic medicine that I feel must be changed. The most glaring is the fact that too many osteopathic schools neglect research. Without research, we are doomed to repeat mistakes of the past. I also feel that this research needs to include aspects other than, “the effects of osteopathic manipulation on……….”.
    The reason why my wife and I chose New York College of Osteopathic Medicine is several fold. First, we are able to learn the art of medicine through the osteopathic philosophy. Second, we are located very close to a very large city. NYC has 12 medical schools including NYCOM and research opportunities are plentiful. I was able to land a research fellowship at a large glaucoma institution in Manhattan. The ability to make contacts with so many is another plus to the area. At NYCOM, we essentially receive the best of both worlds.
    To su4n2, I hope that you choose the route that is best for you. My wife and I are very happy with our decision. Good luck with your future decisions.


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