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    I’d be happy to mentor a med student or resident interested in psychiatry. I’ve been in practice for 2 years. I have a 6 year old and a 1 year old. My husband is an academic neurologist.


    Okay, that was fast, but it looks like I now have a “mentee.” But please let me know if anyone is interested in psychiatry and wants to talk!


    Hi Psych-

    I am interested in Psychiatry and would like to talk or pm. Have you still got time? I would appreciate any advice or insight you have from your experiences.

    Briefly, I am studying for the April MCAT and plan to apply to med school next year for entry in 2004.

    I already did a PhD in Neuroscience and Cell Biology and since then have worked in laboratory and clinical research (neuroscience – both psychiatric and neurology indications). I have wanted to get my MD for a long time but always thought it was unrealistic – it probably still is but I’ve decided I need to try to find a way to do it anyway.

    I also have several years experience volunteering and working with psychiatric patients before I went to gradschool – both in a large state psychiatric hospital that was located in my college’s town and in commmunity mental health rehabilitation programs. Plus some family experience (a brother with Downs Syndrome who lives at a state hospital and many years of experience trying to help/support a relative with schizophrenia)

    Sorry – that was not too brief after all and I just barely got started!

    If you don’t have time to reply to more individual mails after already having a ‘mentee’ I understand. If you have time, let me know and I’ll write more. I do hope you’ll continue to post in the forms about your med school, residency and practice experiences. I have been reading them and find them very interesting.

    I almost forgot the Mommd part – most importantly I’m mom to a wonderful 6 year old daughter.


    Mary B-B ToBeDocMary B-B ToBeDoc

    Psych, hello!
    I’m interested in psychiatry as well…I’ve also asked about combined psych and IM residencies.

    Married, two children (9 & 12), and have worked as an editor of a national magazine, then as adjunct faculty at a nearby college.

    I’ve done a self-designed post-bacc and have done very well. What I’d like to know is what you think the best preparation is for this residency. I’ve attended many conferences on medicine and mental health…am a member of the county’s mental health association, etc. No family history, but several relatives that have MSW degrees. (That came out funny!)

    Please respond either here or by PM, as you have time. Thank you!

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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