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    I’d like to have some advice on whether or not I should pursue a double major to raise my gpa. I know the ideal gpa is in the 3.5 to 4.0 range but my gpa…is well…at a 3.2 What do you guys think?


    Hello Jessica!

    I am just starting back to school as a pre-med, but in repairing my old drop-out grades, the general concensus that I have received is this, grades, grades, grades: and this is only a newbie’s :twocents: , so please take it only as that.

    Have you taken the MCAT yet? A stellar MCAT score could show that you know the material and can apply it, but due to life circumstances or whatever reasons, the GPA just does not reflect this as well. Then, the double major would not be necessary.

    I don’t know about a double major. People that I’ve spoken with recommend many options: just maybe some more upper level courses, post-bacc or grad level science courses. Whatever works the best for you in order to repair the GPA. They have stressed the importance of grades very much though.

    Another great option if you have a preferred school that you have chosen, call and set up an appointment or just talk with the admissions counselor over the phone if distance is a problem. They not only have invaluable advice, but they also will remember you, so making contact with someone is a great tool to use to your advantage (from what I’ve been told). Our local (state) med school advises all serious applicants to do this. She said that several people’s admittance was because she, or someone else who had talked with that person and knew more about them, had swayed the adcom’s decision.

    Anyone else with more experience and advice, please give your thoughts! :p

    Good luck!
    Brandi 😉


    My advice to you is to re-take any pre-med courses that you didn’t do as well in….take them either over the summer (when you can concentrate on one course, if that’s an option) and/or at a respected, but perhaps easier university or even a community college (make sure they can transfer back to your regular school before you do this)….
    During the normal academic year, you should study enough and attain grades in your pre-med courses and your major courses to receive at least a 3.5 or better…..even if it is to the detriment of your other courses. They won’t care as much about a C- in Creative Writing or Intro to Philosophy if you’ve got a 4.0 in Organic Chem with lab.
    I don’t think double majoring is the answer….I get the idea that you’d try to sell the idea of “Yeah, my gpa is lower than your standard, but it’s because I was a double major.” And, what if double majoring doesn’t bring up your gpa? Ugh, what a dilemma! Better to retake some courses, get a better grade, and learn the material.
    Pick a major you enjoy and one that you can do well in! If Chemistry is not your strong point, be a bio/psychology/physics/English/etc. major so that you’ll enjoy your college years AND achieve a gpa that will allow your admission to medical school!
    Numbers matter, unfortunately, and raising a gpa can be a difficult task! Good luck! Seek advice from a college advisor or trusted professor if you’re not sure which major to choose!

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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