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    Are there any surgeons out there who have found a way to balance family and practice? any suggestions about family-friendly residency programs? (or is family-friendly surgical residency just a total oxymoron?)

    To any surgical residents out there: do you have any sense that the 80 hr/wk rule is changing the culture?

    What subspecialties are most family-friendly?

    If you were to switch to a different specialty other than surgery, what would it be? (I know momsurg is leaving surgery for Emergency Medicine…)

    [I’m a new mom, who has deferred beginning med school until next year. I’m really interested in surgery — I’ve worked with plastic surgeons (all male except for a few residents) for the past 3 years…]


    I did a general surgery residency and a trauma/surgical critical care fellowship. If I can figure out how to activate the private messaging, I can answer some of your questions via email.

    In terms of family-friendly subspecialties, are you asking about surgical subs or just in general?

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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